ChromaWay is one of the pioneers of blockchain technology. After creating the world’s first source-code for a bitcoin 2.0 protocol in 2012, Alex Mizrahi formed the colored-coins open-source project with eventually diverged into several companies. In 2014 ChromaWay was founded in Sweden, with co-founders from Ukraine, Israel and Sweden and a customer from Estonia. This customer is LHV Bank, who are now the first bank in the world with a bank-backed digital currency platform based on the bitcoin blockchain. Also on ChomaWays platform are Funderbeam who create an investment platform where ownership in companies are represented on a blockchain. ChromaWay has also contributed to research on cryptocurrencies, both in academic and applied contexts, please see the research section of our homepage. In the summer of 2015 Vinnova provided a grant to help fund a next generation smart-contracts solution, which is now being evaluated for several ambitious initiatives by both the public and private sector.